Psoriasis og Dermylex

Our development scientists became aware of the fact that even better results can be obtained when these tablets are used in conjunction with Nisim Clinical Strength Body Wash and Nisim Clinical Strength Body Lotion.  These two high performance skin care preparations were developed by the skin care scientists at Nisim International. Based on the company’s exclusive Amino Acid/Vitamin Complex, both products promise measurable benefits to women and men who have “problem skinparticularly psoriasis.

Unlike most other topical psoriasis relief preparations, neither Nisim® Clinical Strength Body Wash nor Nisim Clinical Strength Body Lotion contains Salicylic Acid (potential skin irritant) or Coal Tar (persistent, obnoxious odour). Instead these formulas are based on mild cleansing and moisturizing compounds – working in harmony with Nisim’s exclusive Amino Acid/Vitamin Complex. High levels of Niacinamide (Pro-Vitamin B3) and Aloe Vera Gel supplement the performance of these gentle, easy-to-use products.

A new, natural product is now available.Clinical study results prove enough to allow Health Canada to issue a NPN (Natural Product Number) for this product. This is the first time
that Health Canada has issued a NPN for any internal preparation having the claim; “Helps improve the symptoms of psoriasis. Dermylex™ is based on a patented, natural, Undenatured Whey Protein Fraction – packaged 60 tablets per bottle. Clinical studies showed that individuals with mild to moderate psoriasis showed a marked improvement in the severity of their psoriasis symptoms after taking 2 tablets each day for 30 days. For most, the results were even better after just 60 days.


Mykere, sterkere og mer fleksibel hud. Kan redusere tørr, kløende og irritert hud.

En fantastisk fuktighetskrem. Inneholder aminosyrer som L-Cysteine, ProVitamin B5, Shea, JoJoba, Vitamin E, Allantoin med mere.  
For tørr problem hud.   Produktet gjør huden mykere, sunnere, sterkere og mer fleksibel.


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